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SGK STEAM and sauna bath units manufacturing from 13 years improving and developing of new innovations  year by year we are the manufacturers and importers from finest supplayers around our products ISO CE certified & International safety standards & most sale in USA EURO CANADA MEXICO RUSSIA  and other countries.


With best design. Every component is recyclable, products with refine technology. We deal with heating technique that keeping in mind of nature. Our new concept is to save nature its saves all our children’s future.

Our steam units made out of  95% recyclable materials non toxic - eco friendly.
Working with lowest power usage keeping in mind of power bills - pocket friendly
Size in small to install in any place with good looking design - Your room friendly.

Our Sauna bath room’s are specially design to comforts of  clients requirement.

We use natural wood with natural polish no chemicals with eco pest proof method of using neem oil soaking & spray techniques. Wood imported from Canada. Red wood oke wood.

Our sauna heaters made of best heating elements with zero maintains all recyclable.

Infarared heaters we recently launched so called hot youga heaters this technology is copy sun technique. Our infarared heaters eco-friendly and 95% of product recyclable.

Our infarared heaters saves power more then any traditional heating system and coverage.

Much more area.  Its produce infarared wave to make worm not the surrounding air less co2.

Worm with comfort of normal breathing its best technology to use as hot yoga center’s and living room bed rooms out door use our infra reared heaters. Heaters Benefits and comes with water resistance eco-friendly. We are welcome all over wonder full customers to enjoy SGK PRODUCTS WITH HAPPINESS.
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